I want to let everyone who might have accidentally found this page, as well as a few of my closest friends who I’ve told about this site, I haven’t quit. Jason has gotten most everything right lately, and he hasn’t left very much room for elaboration on my part.

If that weren’t enough, I just finished a 7 day stretch of 12 hour days at the best tire plant in the world and I haven’t had the time or energy to write anything lately.

I am also trying to upgrade this site so it is more appealing and looks more professional, as well as make available some of my very own writings unrelated to and predating the Stapleton show.

I’m still here, and despite the heckling, I won’t be going anywhere.
Right now this site is online, it’s open to the public, and anyone can view it, but so far it has not been promoted, and I’ve only told about a half dozen people about it. January 1st 2016 will be the official launch date and then I will start promoting vigorously.

About the only metric I have as far as how many people visit and read what I write is the comments. I don’t have a fan page on Facebook. I don’t have a twitter account.

I might have a million people visiting this page, or it might just be my mom. The only way I’ll know you’re out there is if you leave a comment.
With that said, I will leave the remaining 21 hours I have off to eating, sleeping, and making this web page better.

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