The Truth about Taxes

Bernie’s tax returns are out. He just lost NY so maybe it’s irrelevant now, but there’s still a point to be made and a lesson to learn. I listened to Jason Stapleton’s Show, I guess on Monday, where he really lays into Sanders for wanting to give the shirt off of everybody else’s back but then only gave 8% of his earnings to charity. It was also mentioned, and it’s been mentioned by others as well, that Bernie only paid 13% in taxes. But, guess what? And, here’s the bombshell.

He didn’t pay ANY taxes! This is a difficult concept for a lot of people to grasp when they can see, with their own eyes, a check made out by Bernie and sent to the IRS. How can I say that he doesn’t pay any taxes?

I guess we should start with asking, where do taxes come from? They come out of the produce of the economy; people and businesses produce wealth and the government takes part of that wealth in taxes.

The second question is, where does Bernie’s income come from? Taxes of course. Not quite all of his income but most of it comes from his salary from being a Senator from Vermont.

Consider these two points for a moment and you’ll realize that Bernie Sanders contributes very little in the way of producing wealth and the majority of his income is derived from taking the wealth of others.

So then, he contributes nothing to the U.S. treasury.

Let’s think of it another way. If you give me $100 and I turn around and give you $10, it is only an accounting statement to say that I gave you $10. In reality, I gave you nothing. On balance, you only gave me $90.

The majority of Sanders’ income is a drag on the economy. He isn’t a producer and he isn’t a contributor; he lives like a leech at the expense of others.

Now that we’re done picking on Sanders, we can expand on the principles.  If the majority, or if all, of a person’s income comes from the state, they are tax recipients and not taxpayers.

This would apply to EPA agents and OSHA regulators, the guys who work for the Anti-Trust Division of the Department of Justice, and the people who fill all the government agencies from the FCC to the DoD.

Yes, I went there. A full time soldier whose sole income comes from the Military is not a taxpayer, but a tax recipient. It is just a gimmick to have federal employees and soldiers pay taxes, it is not much more than propaganda. For the sake of efficiency, they should only be required to file if they have some other source of income, and most do not.

If they do, it could get tricky. There are Senators who do contribute to the economy, and there are those who take tax money who are mostly private individuals or companies. Privates in the national guard who make $150 a month for drill, but earn $2,500 a week in the market are still tax payers, though that changes when they get deployed, and their sole income comes from being a soldier.

The question to ask is whether or not an individual on net takes out of the Treasury, pays into it, or breaks even.  I try my best to break even; I don’t want the state to get my money, and I don’t want to end up with someone else’s hard earned money either.

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  1. Take it to the limit, ALL GovCo employees are tax recipients NOT tax payers. Furthermore, let’s eliminate the fraud and stop deducting “taxes” from their pay. Give them the net pay they now receive but stop including money that is directed back into the tax-cycle. If you look at your local county budget you will undoubtedly see a line item for it that must be paid by the productive sector. Stop ripping us off twice in order to give these parasites the false impression that they “pay taxes”.

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