The Lottery – January 11th, 2016

This episode shows why I am such a big fan of Jason, I think he must have spoke for 20 minutes about how bad the lottery is and then comes back after thinking about it and question himself, here’s a guy that doesn’t believe he has a monopoly on truth. And that’s refreshing.

Now my take on the state lottery is, somewhat in Line with Jason. I opposed it when it came to Oklahoma. not because of who the money came from, but who the money went to.

I have no doubt if libertarians were running things, taxes would be extremely low, or we wouldn’t have any, but we would have a lottery. Because a voluntary tax is no tax at all. Rather buying a lottery ticket is a $2 donation to the state with an extremely slim chance of becoming a millionaire. Donations don’t force people to part with their money, taxes do.  So I am for it, IF it is a choice between taxes and lotteries.

But if we are already being fleeced, I see no sense in giving our robbers more resources by which to control us, expropriate us, and indoctrinate our children. They didn’t lower taxes when the lottery came to town, so whats the point?!  I don’t know if that counts as agreeing with Jason or disagreeing with him. You’ll have to listen for yourself and figure it out.

And I need to make one more comment about Economics. I do like how Sowell explains things, but Economics isn’t about scarcity, it is about human action and we could cut a compromise by saying “Human action regarding other human beings and scarce resources.” as far as economics being double edged sword, this is more properly speaking the market and not the science of how the market works-“economics”.

Furthermore the notion that lower gas prices could in anyway be a bad thing is counter to the whole purpose of human action… to reduce and eliminate scarcity. What $1.50 per gallon means is that it is being produced more efficiently. that frees up workers to go and do other things.

More efficiency is better than less, that means we are more productive and we have less waste. It is only short term downside for the people negatively affected. Just like when the first cars began filling the street and the buggy builder was put out of business. but he latter found work elsewhere.
This is a good thing for everyone except the buggy builder, and only for him in the short term.

For more on the drone story, check out the Tom Woods Show for Jan 11. He had a great interview with a guy who is very knowledgeable on the subject.


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