Paris – November 16th, 2015

For starters, I should say there may not be a post every single day for two reasons. One, it isn’t always warranted. Two, I’m not a teenager living in my parents basement. I work 12-hour shifts, sometimes more than 80 hours in a week. I manage rental property on the side, and raise cattle. On top of that, I have a wife, a 3-year-old son and a 7-month-old daughter.

So, I hope you won’t hold it against me if I make a post each day just for the sake of giving Jason praise, or picking on minor flaws or inconsistencies.

With all that being said, I will make a comment regarding today’s post and Jason’s overall perspective. It kinda bothered me the way he spoke about the way war should be done, and, I think he is wrong to a degree. Perhaps if we actually had an enemy army dividing the country in half, controlling the Mississippi River, occupying New Orleans, and half of Tennessee, then yeah, lets bomb the hell out of the cities from whence these invaders come.

Short of that though, I’m not ready to invest in such a blood fury. I think that is Jason’s position. I was really turned off when I heard Jason talk about how war should be done. This was way before I decided to dedicate a blog to his show. I’ll tell you, when I heard him say, “That when you’re in a war for your own liberty, for your own survival, you bomb their cities until there is nothing left but ruble, then you bomb the ruble until there’s nothing left but sand, and then you bomb the sand until it turns into glass.” Hearing that sent shivers down my spine. I had to listen to it again to make sure I understood it was in context. Today’s episode brought that context a little more into context. It is, in a sense, as if he is playing devil’s advocate when it comes to war.

He is making the arguments that John McCain and Lindsey Graham should be making if they had the courage to accept their own premises and follow their arguments out to their logical conclusions.  However, the premise is where everything goes wrong. ISIS doesn’t threaten America. We weren’t threatened by Al Qaeda, or by the Taliban.

I think Jason knows the idea of bombing cities and slaughtering innocent women and children is unconscionable, and unthinkable.  Yet he contemplates it. He went so far as to say today that his, “black heart desires it.” Thank God it is his black heart and not his justified wrath. It is in this way I think Jason really makes an effective reach to the neo-cons.

It is a dark heart; it is the most basic, primal, even debased human proportion that calls for these atrocities. The truth is, I remember holding the same view, except not as a devil’s advocate. I remember turning in a paper in college about this, and this was back when I was a full-blown Neo-Con. My thesis was that if we’re not willing to utterly destroy these countries we were waging war with, we shouldn’t even be over there. Of course, we shouldn’t utterly destroy them, and we shouldn’t be over there. I remember the professor looking at me like I was a psycho-path when I affirmed her understanding of the paper.

See, the logic of it is sound. It is really the right way to do war. Maybe not at the outset, but there may come a point when it becomes necessary. However, the real issue with it, is that we are discussing it when it’s not necessary. It’s like discussing a scenario where libertarians are locked into concentration camps. Your wife and 3 children are there, and the operators of the camp come to you and your wife and explain that they will have to execute one of your three children and it is up to you to decide which one, or else all 3 be executed. To right now, in a free America, in your own home, in safety to be discussing which of your three children… Or, in another sense, which of your two children you would save, is sick! Maybe one day circumstances might come to that, and that may be something to think about. But, if you’re thinking about it now, before you’ve even set foot into a ghetto, much less a concentration camp, you have major issues.

That is the same way I still see Jason’s talk of bombing cities. Yes, one day it might come to that, but the fact that we are discussing it is highly disturbing.

On the other hand, it does seems he is making a devil’s advocate position. So, maybe that makes it okay, that he is trying to shock the McCain fans back into reality.

This is one of the most difficult topics for libertarians to deal with, especially for Minarchists. For the Anarchist life is much simpler. Wars don’t occur except between states. In a stateless world, there would be problems, yes, but no wars. Violence, yes, but no wars.

That’s all I have for today. I’ll be on night shift for the next 7-10 days so my posts will be almost a full 24 hours following the show. I wish I could do better, but time constraints just won’t allow it.

Have fun, share the show, and share this blog.


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