Break’s Over

Let’s just get down to business. And, really, the last thing I want to talk about: Oregon. There are so many different angles and things to say about this… Is it too little too late? Maybe so, maybe it’s time to get your passport ready and learn Swiss German. I’ve also heard one can live pretty free in Argentina.

This stunt isn’t going to cause the Federal Government to stop abusing it’s power. But, maybe there will be something else come of it. Perhaps they will be martyrs and that will lead to something down the road.

If this deal were going on in Oklahoma or North Texas, I might be more interested; maybe I would go and join up with them, but wherever this is in Oregon is too far for me. It’s a 25 hour drive! I have a wife and kids here, a job and a farm here; I can no more go to Oregon than I can go to Iraq. And, I can’t see this being a rallying point for liberty lovers across the country.

As far as the catalyst, that these ranchers had a controlled burn on their own land spreading onto federal land, and so on, which led to them being charged and convicted as terrorists, of course it’s ridiculous. It’s not altogether qualitatively different than the gun dealer licensing requirements Jason talked about together. The government is granting itself this latitude, this free hand to keep people in line.

I’ll digress onto this for just a minute. The law of the road is posted. You can not travel faster than 45 MPH. If you drive 44 or 45 you’re okay, but at 46 you’re in violation. With the new gun regulations there is no law. it’s all relative. It is like a “law” being posted, that says, “don’t drive too fast,” which would just be relative to your own particular circumstances. Where in the country are you? How old are you? Male or female? Race? What car are you driving? What political party are you in? Don’t drive too fast, and we’ll let you know if you do.

Don’t sell to many guns without a dealer’s license but we’re not going to give you a hard and fast number… If you sell too many, we’ll let you know, and prosecute you and send you to prison.

Anyway going back to the terrorism charges: This is pretty scary stuff, damn near anything can be terrorism now, I guess. Maybe this will have a positive lining to it, that if everything is called terrorism, the word loses its meaning and becomes meaningless. Maybe the silliness of it all will cause people to… See the silliness of it all. These laws don’t come by way of congress, rather through the bureaucracy, the BLM, the ATF, the FDA. These agency heads are not answerable to you.

The Emperor has no clothes.

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